1967:  Built by Mark Williams for John Dekker.

1967:  Dick Montoya & John Dekker partner on the car.

1967:  John Dekker & Karl Roberts partner on the car.

1968:  John Dekker & Kent Mueller with Karl Roberts, Crew Chief, Roger Guzman (engine).   Was the first of it’s kind to hit 8-second elapsed time in Colorado. In 1968 a blower is added to the candy-red machine and John ran 8.0’s at over 180 mph.  In May 1968 the car ran an 8.50 at 172 mph and won 4-car funny car meet.

1969:  Denver’s Roger Guzman, with his line of Assassination floppers, were driven by quality shoes like Art Ward, John Dekker, and Rob Williams. Ward, drove the first Assassination nitro car, a Chevy Corvair in 1968. Lakewood, Colo.-based Dekker drove the team’s subsequent Camaro, Barracuda, and Vega machines.

1969-70:  Car sold to Jack Bradley and campaigned as a AA/Altered in the Colorado area.

Late 70’s:  Leo’s Auto Clinic ran the Camaro as a AA/Altered in the Pacific Northwest.

History of Glory Daze